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We are all about cats!

2015 is looking good so far.

No kittens at the colonies...

We are busy spaying and neutering like mad in WI and MN.

We've helped cats with broken hip repairs, eye removals, leg amputations, and dental problems and rehomed a number of them.

Unfortunately springtime kitten season is upon us and we are starting to get calls from all over the MN cities area and western WI. We also have a group of cats near Stillwater MN that we need to get relocation spots for as they must be somewhere "safe" by mid summer. The lady who is living there and caring for the cats is being forced off the property by her not so nice in-law-family, and someone else is trying to get her to let him take "all the cats he can get" for purposes unknown. We are not about to let anyone take the cats unless we are sure they are going somewhere that they will be cared for. All he was willing to say is that he knows someone that would take them and would get them all spayed and neutered. We worry that he is seeking free adult cats for training fighting dogs or to pass on to labs as test animals. Nobody just shows up out of the blue willing to take "all the cats they can get" without some ulterior motive.We worry that any cats she has to leave behind will be trapped by this person and meet a rather unhappy fate.

If anyone visiting here knows of a cat lover with a farm, farmette, or rural outbuildings that would be willing to feed and water and let us put up some cat warming houses, please let us know! We spay and neuter, provide vaccinations, provide vet care where needed, and can even help out with cat food if the people find it a hardship. Contact us or pass the info along to anyone that might help out. We need places where cats can go!

Thank you all who donated to help us do so much for these wonderful little animals!

Thank you for your interest in Stray Feral Rescue and CatTown! If you are interested in adopting a cat, please check our CatTown adoption pages here as well as Stray Feral's adoptable animals at www.rsq.petfinder.org. Also check us out on Facebook at Stray Feral Rescue Facebook and CatTown Rescue Facebook and don't forget to "like" us!!!

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