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A Bit About Stray Feral Rescue & Cattown Rescue!

Kittens deserve a chance.

Stray Feral Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit established in 2005 and has helped a lot of cats through their foster and adoption program, TNR, education and advocacy. They also helped a lot of smaller groups of people working with cats, such as CatTown. They had a great foster network and assisted to find homes for pets thru courtesy listings thru Petfinder. They were originally located in St Paul, and now in Lakeland MN.

CatTown's director had been doing cat rescue on her own for almost 40 years. With the help of Stray Feral, CatTown Rescue became a non-profit organization in 2012. Located in Amery WI, they specialize in helping injured, sick and abused cats, as well as strays and ferals. Presently CatTown is caring for over 200 cats in 7 feral colonies spread out over two WI counties. Each colony has an on-site caregiver to make sure that the animals are fed and watered. Warm housing is provided, and the health of the cats are monitored and vet care provided as needed. All the cats are spayed or neutered, and vaccinated. They also have a number of cats in foster homes in western and central WI. Many of these are cats that need special care for medical issues. They also do what they can to help cats with behavioral problems. CatTown also helps people to keep their cats via food vet care assistance.

In April of 2014 Stray Feral Rescue changed directorship, and it was decided by the two groups that they would work closely together instead of merging, so they can legally do fundraising in both MN and WI and access the resources of both states.

We believe that all cats deserve a chance to live happy, safe lives and deserve to be treated well.

Recent estimates report that 87 million community cats are homelss in the U.S. People abandon them or take them into humane societies where more than 71% are euthanized. We hope we can change things for the better in our communities.

Together we will provide cats with shelter, with vet care, and find adoptive and foster homes. For pet owners who are struggling due to evictions or forclosures, job loss, etc, we can sometimes offer temporary care for their cats until they can be reunited with their humans. We also do what we can to help pet owners if they have to spend time in hospitals or nursing homes and have no-one to take care of their pets for long term care. Many elderly people with cats would have to surrender their cats to the shelters knowing they would likely be put to sleep. We provide temporary care for their pets so that they can get their kitty back when they get back home. There's nothing sadder than someone having to lose their cat because the owner has health issues. The depression involved with that kind of situation often makes it so much harder for them to get better.

CatTown has had so many hard luck cats come here that we've decided to make it part of our mission. We help sick cats, injured cats, and cats that have suffered from abuse with the help of two wonderful veterinarians in WI. We help the cats recover and if we can, find them homes. We will continue this as long as we have the resources.

We help people to take care of their cats if their cat gets sick or hurt and they don't have the time or skills to take care of the cat themselves. We work with their veterinarian to get their cat healthy again, or if that is not possible we also offer hospice care, like we did with Merlin. Merlin was in last stage heart failure and had developed diabetis. His owner was on the road much of the time, but knew Merlin could still have some good quality time so he came to stay with us. We were able to give Merlin 5 months he would have missed out on and he enjoyed those months. He became good buddies with SweetyPie cat and they made the most of those months.

We do what we can to help people find homes for cats that they can no longer keep by offering to put their pet on the internet adoption sites and including their pets in our adoption events and such. Often the shelter is the only other choice and since many people are surrendering theirs because they have to, and they still care about the kitty, they don't want to put their pet in a situation that they might not survive . It gives people another alternative if they aren't having any luck finding the cat a new home on their own.