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Thank You All For Your Help

We can't thank you enough so this page is for you!

We'd like to use this page to say Thank You to all of our generous supporters who have donated money and time to help with the care of so many homeless cats.  We have found so many useful ways to use your donations, and we'd like to give recognition to all the helpful people that have given to Stray Feral Rescue/CatTown over the years.

Dr. Jill Armstrong, Northwest Veterinary in Amery WI. Northwest has been been a mainstay of our Spay and Neuter efforts. They have helped us out a lot.

Thank you Star Prairie Vet Clinic! Located in Star Prairie WI, Dr. Eric Hanson has been wonderful. He is a most impressive vet and the best I’ve seen with cats. The cats trust him as well which tells me a lot. We highly recommend him!.

Thank you Dr Marcy, Dr. Helen and Dr. Amy, formerly of the Armstrong Veterinary Clinic for many years of help and professional support. They assisted us with our “pet population” projects and answered thousands of questions!

Thank you Dr Ballinger at Natural Pet Health, St Paul MN! A mobile vet clinic who cares about strays and ferals!

Thank you The Cat Care Clinic, Mahtomedi MN! a holistic clinic dedicated to cats, so if you lean more all natural this might be a good clinic for you. They also do house calls.

Thanks to Purina Pets for People programs. They have helped us survive with donations of cat food and litter. We would have no chance to make it without their help!

Thank you Feline Pine Cat Litter! Feline Pine has a shelter program that helps shelters get affordable cat litter. It's wonderful to find a company that cares so much! I encourage all of you to support any company that is willing to forgo a little profit in order to help take care of those little animals that need sheltering. Feline Pine is a company definitely worth your support.

Thanks go out as well to my father, Art Dilley, who took the time to build me really nice cabinets for the CatTown office and Studio.

Thanks to Claire Todd, who has done so much to help me get started with all this. She was my very first customer as well. I couldn't have gotten all this off the ground without her.

Thanks to PAWS of Western WI. They provided funding for many spays, and we appreciate it very much! They are located in River Falls, WI and have a number of wonderful programs to help animals: The spay/neuter program, Love on a leash educational program, and a foster program. If you would be interested in checking them out go to PAWS.

Thanks go out as well to everyone who has provided us with help.
Your donations have been really appreciated.

Thanks to the help from you all we were able to get 17 cats spayed and 9 neutered in 2009, another 10 or so in 2010, another 48 in 2011 and 208 in 2012. We were also able to help get homes for a lot of cats and we helped a lot of sick, injured and damaged cats. Without the donations we would not be able to do much, so Thanks to you all!! We hope we are going to have the funds to do a bunch more before the 2013 kitten season.
Thank you - every one of you!

Thank you to JoAnn from Elements in Webdesign for the donation of this wonderful website and the donation of future updates to keep everyone informed of all the goings on here at Stray Feral Rescue/CatTown!

We also want to say thanks to all of you who have adopted cats from the rescue!

In Loving Memory:
Richard and Vi Diers - of Balsam Lake. They were dedicated to saving cats.
Kathy Larson - A loving and wonderful lady who helped whenever she could.
Linda Bottolfson - Her squeaky cat lives with us and reminds us of her every day
Beth Axtman - a great lady with a big heart